Marvel Heroes’ Third Anniversary

Over the last month I have spent many hours in Marvel Heroes.  The action RPG finished its third anniversary celebration on Monday July 4th. When its anniversary season, all loot drops are increased, many events occur simultaneously and xp gains are astounding.  Over the course of the event I leveled the following characters up to the max of 60:

Invisible Woman




Dr. Doom












I also went through and did Captain America from 1 to 60 again and the same with Cyclops.  Human Torch I brought from 1 to 42.


Out of all these heroes, only one made my list of mains, Dr. Doom.  Doom is a summoner character.  He calls forth his robot hordes to annihilate all in his path.  He is a touch squishy but he generally can avoid combat and just direct his robots.  It took most of my 3+ million credit fortune in the game to get him up to the same damage level as Punisher and Hulk are for me.  At this point there is nothing I can buy for him to make him stronger.  I need to spend more time in game in certain areas to get the items I need.  Captain America is my number one so it will be awhile before I get back to Dr. Doom for actual increases in power.


Speaking of Captain America, I have made significant progress in his advancement.  I first tried to get into the cosmic patrols with Cyclops.  cosmic patrols drop more gear but are significantly more difficult than the regular level 60 patrols. After 4 attempts to get through the trial you need to pass to unlock the cosmic patrols, I gave up on Cyclops till I can gear him a bit better.  But I knew my Cap was well geared. I finished the trial on the first attempt.  This was the first time I have made any progress in the end game areas.  I was quite pleased.


Once I entered the cosmic patrols, I went from a dominating force, to a meek human among gods.  I burn through health packs like there is no tomorrow.  I die all the time.  Its a huge slap in the face to all the progress I thought I had made in the game over the years.  I think I will have to start participating in raids in order to get the gear I need and/or start loot farming.  These are two things I am not very interested in.  So aside from resetting Cap again, I think I am done with him till I make Marvel Heroes my main game once again.


The game remains a good time, and something easy to jump in and out of.  I have 2 characters left to hit 60 before my stable is max level, Human Torch and Emma Frost.  Frost will be getting an update in her graphics soon so I am holding off on finishing her.  Johnny Storm  I will work on during Monday Midtown Madness, a weekly event with more xp and item drops than usual