Pokemon Go Day 1

I am extremely tired of my gut. For years I have been hovering around 225 lbs. I am 5′ 10″. I am heavier than I look thanks to years of sports playing. But my gut is getting to me. I have started making more healthy choices over the last few weeks. I am eating yogurt and a banana for breakfast instead of nothing. I started doing push ups daily. And once my ankle heals I will be back to my weekly soccer routine.

I tried to get into Ingress a while ago. There were a few portals around me but I felt it was too hard to level up to fight for them so I was discouraged.



Yesterday Pokemon Go was released for Android and Iphones. So today I took a 45 minute walk which was about 2 miles and explored the Augmented Reality.

I live in a tiny city with a ton of history. We also had a pretty large contingent of Ingress players who liked to open new portals. So this has lead to 5 pokestops where you can get more items and experience and 3 gym on my walk. I was also able to collect 18 pokemon while I was walking around and reach level 4.  If I walk tomorrow I should reach level 5 and then I should be able to fight in the gyms.

I enjoyed it and hopefully maybe it will help with my weight loss goal of 40 lbs by Thanksgiving.