So the Stanley Cup is about to be presented, the baseball season is in full swing with the exception of the short season leagues (including my local team), and the big summer marketing push for the holidays begins.



The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) begins tomorrow. The corporate podcasts I listen to have done their prediction shows. Leaks have been in the press for weeks. And I don’t care.

I own so many different ways to play video games, you would think the biggest conference of the year would be a big deal to me. The new games, new hardware, and unexpected announcements hold no allure anymore.

Why do I not care? Because its nothing but hours long commercials for products that I can’t buy. Why be teased? Why spend the time getting excited for a product that will ultimately let me down? Remember Watch Dogs?

Ads in general annoy me. I can’t stand when I want to watch a couple minute video but am force to watch a youtube ad first. There are ads that make me so angry I want to destroy my 55″ TV. They are the worst. So why subject myself to that for hours on end?

And no I will not read the articles about the event in the days to come. I refuse.

So enjoy your ads from your favorite companies. Look at the new shiny things. But remember, most of the deadlines will be missed, hardware changes are not a big deal, and while nostalgia is great, remakes are money grabs.