What have I been up to?

Well yesterday you found out some of it.  I have been finishing my degree.  But it didn’t take all my time.  I have been “leading” the writing department for OPNoobs.com .



OPNoobs is a pc gaming centered website.  I moved my podcast over there, I started writing for them, and then was made part of the leadership. It been a bit of a wild ride.  The owner of the company and I are having a disagreement about how things are run, including his micro managing.  I was given the title Director of the Writing Department but that was not what I did.  I was an email monkey. Every idea I had was ignored or shit upon. Even if they were accepted at first, the ideas were destroyed at a later date.

Ideas: Mail merge for form letters, an extra life event, a multiplayer team featuring a game under review, new podcasts, spreadsheet changes,

I just finished explaining my point of view to the owner and instead of offering more responsibility or taking it as constructive criticism, I was told over and over “I don’t know what you want me to say.”


So after Christmas I will no longer be leading this department.

I am really disappointed at how this turned out. I don’t understand the owner’s thoughts when it comes to not releasing control at all.


I’ve also been told my reviews are not good enough, but I got a perfect 100 in my English course this semester.



But I like doing them and they were good enough to earn an award from my peers so I am going to come back to writing here.  I look forward to just putting my ideas on digital paper again.