Shovel Knight and Bioshock 2

Today I made it a priority to finally finish Shovel Knight.





When I got into it this morning, I had two levels left.  This game is just incredible. If like me you grew up with a Nintendo Entertainment System and loved the old platformers, you owe it to your inner child to play this game. It incorporates elements from Ducktales, The Legend of Zelda 2, and Mega Man.  There are diverse bosses, a variety of enemies, and great jokes.


I will write more about Shovel Knight later this week or early next week when I do a full review.


I also played Bioshock 2 this morning and afternoon. The more I play the game, the more I enjoy it.  I like to keep adjusting my game play style using different plasmids and weapons than I did the last time played.  I reached and progressed through most of Fontaine Futuristics today.  I am on my way to rescue Elanor a former little sister.  I have been saving the other little sisters along the way. I just can bring myself to harvest them.




I am hoping to finish this game next week before I start my new job. I really want to get through Bioshock Infinite by the end of the summer.


I also worked on Thor some more today in Marvel Heroes, he is almost level 50 which will maximize his bonus for other characters.