Sunday was my birthday. I had a nice dinner at my in-laws with them, my wife and my parents. I received an Amazon gift card as one of my gifts. I turned that into a copy of Bayonetta 2 for the WiiU.  Thanks to Prime, that arrived in the mail this morning right after class.


So I fired up my WiiU and stuck in the disc. The best thing about Bayonetta 2 so far, is that it came with a free copy of Bayonetta 1 as well.


In just a couple short hours, I have played through the Prologue and Act 1. I am absolutely in love with this game. It tickles a section of my life that I have always been kind of interested in, The Old Testament. I love the exploration of that area in video games. Its why I like Darksiders, why I watch things on Revelations, and my favorite part of being a Catholic.  With that fancy tickled, I started to explore the depths of the combat. Bayonetta has so many combinations I don’t know where to begin and have mostly just been button mashing to kill angels.


The combat really expands with the magic system. If you land enough hits with her standard array of punches, kicks, and shooting, you can perform a Torture Attack. The first one I did forced an angel into a guillotine and then sliced his head off.  Later in the game when you are fighting bosses you can also use the Wicked Weave. This attack uses Bayonetta’s control of her hair to create a T-Rex head that munches on the boss characters as the climax of the fight.  Its bloody and Sexy. Sexy because Bayonetta’s entire outfit is made from her hair and she reveals most of her body as she creates the T-Rex.


Checklist time:

Hot Chick – Check

Bad Ass – Check

PG-13 rating – Check

Awesome monsters – Check

Great Combat – Check

Interesting Story – Check


There have been critics that say this game portrays women as sex objects. To me she is bad ass first and foremost. You look at her wrong and she will rip you face off. Strength and Beauty in one hot package.  The animations and story telling of the game are extremely Japanese. It is because of this that she has been drawn in the same way the Sailor Moon is; legs for days and boobs to match.  Personally to me its no more terrible than seeing every guy in every game be muscly and handsome.


Bayonetta’s sexiness might have attracted me to the game, but if it wasn’t fun and fulfilling to slaughter angels and demons within the game, what would it matter? If a game is not fun, all the nudity and sexiness in the world isn’t going to get me to play it long term.  Bayonetta on the other hand will be a game I complete and move on to its sequel.

  • Mmm sounds rather interesting 🙂 I look forward to hearing more on this.