Marvel Heroes : Thor

This week Marvel Heroes has seen a resurgence. With the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Heroes worked to exploit the most anticipated movie of the summer. Currently available is the Avenger’s pack that provides a bunch of Avengers that you can play in game. Between this, an Iron Man costume giveaway, an update featuring Ultron, and a 50% experience bonus, the game has been flooded with returning and new players. The game is night and day from what it was upon release. There have been so many improvements over the past couple years that it would take far too long to describe them here. But the game, on almost all accounts, has been greatly improved.


I have had a large stable of heroes for a long time now. At last count I think I had over 20 playable characters and 4 team-ups. Thor has been available to me for a while and I wanted to get around to playing him.  But leveling another character was going to do nothing pleasant for my already full inventory spaces. The 50% experience bonus was something I couldn’t ignore though.


So I started leveling him last week and left him at level 12 over the weekend. Today I stepped into the weekly Midtown Madness event and power leveled him from 12 to 40 in less than 3 hours.  It was a great time. I really am enjoying his mechanics.  Lightning was flying all over the screen and enemies were being melted. What a good time I had.  Later this week I’ll reach level 60 and put him away for a while again.


Marvel_Heroes_Artwork_ThorI have a set of 4 level 60 characters that I try to keep as strong as possible. They are Captain America, Hulk, Cyclops, and Punisher.  Other 60’s I currently have include Ms. Marvel, Cable, and Daredevil. Loki is sitting at 50 and there are a bunch of others I haven’t started or only have a few levels on.


After Thor I will just be playing Avenger’s characters to continue to earn more omega points while the experience boost is going on. Afterwards I think I will finish leveling Moon Knight and then Starlord.


If you play and want some tips or need some gear contact me in game. I am Randark.